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SOS Lices at home!

Going back to school means having lice at home again, children and adolescents see their friends again and that socialization increases the risk of contagion.

Children gather in the yard, play together, and lice spread to reach houses where family members can also be infected.

At home, lice ensure their survival: siblings and parents, everyone can be the victim of this small animal, difficult to exterminate. The reality is that risk is always and everywhere present. In fact, scalp lice infestation or pediculosis is a problem that is estimated to affect 30% of school-age children and 27% of their parents.

In addition to solving the problem with specific lotions and products on children’s heads, it must be taken into account that lice can live for 24 hours outside the head of humans. This means that, even if our children have a clean head after treatment, they can be infected again since these bugs can still live-in sheets, pillows, clothes, towels … According to scientists, lice are more resistant than before and are capable of withstand temperatures of up to 50ºC.