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Lies and truths about lice I

Do lice fly? Do you prefer dirty hair? Do they jump from head-to-head?

There are many questions and a lot of wrong information about how lice behave, how they are spread, how they are eliminated …

Knowing more about these terrible “monsters” will surely help us fight them!


1. Lice fly and jump: False

 These critters move by walking very fast on the heads of children, but they do not have wings and they do not have the ability to jump. The contagion occurs mainly, by contact between the heads.


2. Lice immediately die off the head: False

Lice can live off a head for up to 24 hours. They can spread through pillows, sheets, couches, etc.


3. Lice do not resist water: False

The reality is that lice are resistant to water. In fact, swimming pools are very contagious places for children’s heads.


4. Animals can transmit lice to humans: False

Lice that animals can have cannot be transmitted to people, and neither can people spread to animals.


5. When you eliminate lice, you no longer have to worry about a new contagion: False

Even if the head is clean of lice, in places where there are many children together, such as schools or gyms, the possibility of contagion is continuous. That is why prevention is essential.




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