We launch packaging design in Chile

Kinnimo products always at the forefront!! Now new packaging design in Chile Our Kinnimo brand is international and we adapt our image to the tastes of each country, always maintaining the quality of our products. More intense and varied colors, more fun and lively images… This is the new Kinnimo packaging in Chile. We hope you like it as much as we do. Head against lice! Do you want to try it?

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Lies and truths about lice II

Many of the popular beliefs about lice are false and, in a way, cause us not to treat them properly. Head lice, for example, is not related to poor hygiene, something that was thought in the past, so it should not be a reason for shame. But this is just one of the wrong myths surrounding the pediculosis phenomenon.   1. Lice are spread due to poor hygiene: False Lice actually prefer clean heads because they can more easily reach

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Lies and truths about lice I

Do lice fly? Do you prefer dirty hair? Do they jump from head-to-head? There are many questions and a lot of wrong information about how lice behave, how they are spread, how they are eliminated … Knowing more about these terrible “monsters” will surely help us fight them!   1. Lice fly and jump: False  These critters move by walking very fast on the heads of children, but they do not have wings and they do not have the ability

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SOS Lices at home!

Going back to school means having lice at home again, children and adolescents see their friends again and that socialization increases the risk of contagion. Children gather in the yard, play together, and lice spread to reach houses where family members can also be infected. At home, lice ensure their survival: siblings and parents, everyone can be the victim of this small animal, difficult to exterminate. The reality is that risk is always and everywhere present. In fact, scalp lice

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